Our History

Our History

From our humble beginnings in an old stable to an 80,000 square foot, state of the art facility, Allegheny Millwork has grown to become one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of custom millwork in the industry.

In the tradition of many American manufacturing companies, Allegheny Millwork was founded to serve a specific local need. Since our inception in 1979, we have expanded to serve the specific needs of customers all over the country ---and internationally as well.


In the late seventies, a restoration movement in the North Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh created a demand for high quality custom millwork that would seamlessly complement the original woodwork found in some of Pittsburgh’s finest historic homes and estates.

To meet this demand, Allegheny Millwork produced a line of moldings copied from originals found in and around Pittsburgh. Although advertising then was strictly by word of mouth, demand grew quickly.

Our first facility was a former Lithuanian social club which had previously been a livery stable.


Our first machinery was ancient and massive: a molding machine from 1895 and saws, shapers and sanders from old lumberyards and pattern shops. In 1987, we moved from the North Side of Pittsburgh to a 40,000 square foot facility in the city’s South Side.

By 2000, commercial millwork had become a significant part of our business and our millwork shop moved to a newly constructed, 80,000 square foot facility in Lawrence, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh.
The lumberyard, which remains at the South Side location, took advantage of the space vacated by the millwork and has expanded considerably.

Today, the lumberyard is a reliably productive part of our company, serving the Pittsburgh building and remodeling industry.
Our millwork shop in Lawrence has provided increase productivity and efficiencies, allowing us to apply new technologies to old world craftsmanship.

Allegheny Millwork has continually worked to broaden our product line and services. Allegheny Solid Surface Technologies (ASST) grew out of the recognition that we could better serve our customers by offering and extensive array of solid surface materials as part of our millwork packages. AMW Commercial Doors LLC was born at the behest of our customers need for out superior level of service brought to the DFH (Division 8) world. Allegheny Construction Specialties allows us to add value to our clients by offering a full array of Division 10 products.


Our increasing presence throughout the United States led Allegheny Millwork to open a Mid-Atlantic location in Crofton, Maryland in 2005, A Bradenton Florida Office in 2010, a Davie Florida Office in 2015 and a Nashville Tennessee Office in 2016.

In addition to expanding both or product line and our geographic reach, we have taken on exponentially larger scale projects.

We have worked with many of the nation’s leading architects, general contractors and owners and have compiled an extensive resume of successful projects.

We continue to invest heavily in technology and equipment, but it is the people of Allegheny Millwork that sustain our momentum and out high standards. We are fortunate to have with us many twenty and twenty-five year old employees. Our combined experience, attention to detail and strong work ethic provide the quality of results and service we guarantee on each project we undertake. 

Strong and steady growth, diversification, and the careful stewardship of our resources have positioned us as a leader in our industry.

At Allegheny Millwork, we remain anchored in the tradition of American craftsmanship while we work to stay at the forefront of technological innovations that increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

We are confident that for nearly forty years, Allegheny Millwork has attained a level of professionalism and integrity that provides our customers with complete assurance of work well-priced and well done.